Re: Revitalising an Acid Battery ?????

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We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when
the drugs began to take hold. I remember doc
<docfarquar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> saying something like:

No one in the British Isles has an identity; to the rest of the
world, you're all English.

Oh, aye, laddie?

You all gave up your identities; only the colonists in
America fought and won their independence from the Crown.

Well, tickle me with feather duster. A history lesson from a septic.

Cute. Care to wag your flag of independence? Or would the British prohibit it?

Hmm, at least our flag of independence is rarely shown on CNN being
burned by disgruntled (or should that be "democratized") people.

I also bet that Dan isn't forced to swear an oath at the thing each
morning in some bizarre neo-idolatry either.

Erm, Tim....I don't recall you ever meeting my wife, but I could be mistaken.

<Thick mode=on> nope lost me there </Thick>