Re: French law - Children in Front Seats

GoNads wrote:
On 8 Jan 2007 04:24:01 -0800, "Max" <pw5100@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The law in this case is irrelevant as the Motorcaravan is fully legal
in one country then it is fully legal in all EU states.
Therefore if the Motorcaravan complies with all UK Road laws re
seatbelts (and it does) then any French law would be irrelevant

Thanks for the comments but the point was not that the Motorhome would
be legal (it IS as you say), but rather the seating of a 4yr old child
in the front which appears not to be.

The van has 3-point belts in the front and lap belts in the rear. The
child seat requires a 3-point fixing. French law states the child is to
be restrained by a purpose-built seat seat or by a 3-point seatbelt
(one assumes if they are on a booster cushion only). This is therefore
in the front seat in my case. However, French law also states no child
under 10 in the front. So, there is the potential for interpreting this
as conflicting laws.

I shall put the child in their child seat in the front and plead the
case to the French police if necessary that they (the child) require a
purpose-built child seat and the child seat can only be fitted in the
front of this vehicle due to the 3-point fixing required.