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thanks everyone - - the advice and comments are all heeded. I will be
keeping my hard-earned (or, easily come by according to some, being a

I have looked at options locally and while the cost is substantially higher,
I get to actually GET my stuff - our largest retail chain MYER, is having
their stocktake sale and does price-match so I am in with a chance to get it
from a big player at a smaller player's price AND take advantage of the
other incentives like interest free etc.

Thanks again



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Hi folks


Up until a couple of years ago I worked just a hop and a skip away from
Edgeware Road. Along that particular stretch you have a lot of consumer
electrical shops, arab cafes and arabic shops. Indeed it's very much like
walking along the High St in downtown Alexandria. *Most* of them are pukka
and generally inexpensive (by Central London) standards. However, there
more than a few dodgy setups generally operating from the flats above the
shops, here today gone tomorrow, or accomodation addresses for the old
"long firm fraud", illegal immigrants 20 to a room - that sort of thing.

I don't know the company you mention, nor do I recollect seeing a shop
front with thier name on baring that in mind and not for a moment
suggesting that the majority of the traders there are OK I'd be very
concerned about sending money under the circumstances you describe.

All the best,

Chris Wilson

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