Re: The Railway Channel

looking at it again, I can't see the T + Cs - can someone please post
them here?



"mindesign" <seriph_I_SAID_NO_BLOODY_SPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I think this is an absolutely great idea - but to get people fully
committed you MUST offer the first issue free ..... why else would someone
go for it AND give you their cash?


<markfound@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just thought you'd like to know that The Railway Channel website is now
up and running and already getting a big 'thumbs up' from rail

Visit the site to view actual rail movies and to catch up on news and
views about your favourite subject.

There's even a FREE Trailer for Issue 1 and you can register to enter
our Prize Draw to win one of 20 6xIssue TRC Passes worth £27.99 each.
Take a look at The Railway Channel now by clicking this link: