James Mays Top Toys

This programme was on BBC2 on Wednesday night, I missed it but caught
the last few minutes. Looks like it was a good show, sorry I missed it

He had a Hornby train set (yes a proper train set, not a model
railway). This seemed to be on a board only about three or three and a
half feet wide by about eight feet long.

In N everything new in British outline requires at least 10.5 inch
radius curves, so for a single track loop you need a minimum 23
inches. Continental stuff will happily make it round 7.5 inch radius
curves (obviously these should be hidden) and also features impressive
very close coupling, but it costs a lot.

Given that the Hornby stuff made it on what looks like a three foot
wide board I might consider changing scales to OO get the benefit of
improved running. I was thinking of On16.5 industrial outside. An
experimental board of painted marine ply with a topping of 'insertion
jointing' (used for insertion between concrete building sections) has
been sitting outside for three or four years now and seems okay.

I should be settling down in the next few months - If I make wardrobes
four feet high I can run the layout on top and use the 'wardrobes' to
carry the return curves.

What does the group suggest is a realistic minimum radius for current
(and future) OO scale..