Re: Very sorry to hear it

> Why would you think you can illegally invade a sovereign nation, occupy
> and
> repress it's population, steal their oil and _not_ upset it's population?

It would now appear that those responsible were not brought up on the mean
streets of Basra but rather the mean streets of Bradford / Leeds / Aylesbury
and Jamaica and none of the bombers would appear to have any connection to
Iraq other than sharing a religion with many in the Middle East. It would
appear they were angry young men manipulated by elders, hmm typed that
somewhere before... Some Muslims blame the West's politics in Muslim
countries but in carrying out an attack on the West they killed their own
people, other devout Muslims. As Charles Clark said on Channel4 news last
night, these attacks have been going on throughout Europe and the World for
decades, long before Iraq and Afganistan.

Yes Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afganistan could have provoked these
attacks, would these attacks not have happened if Britain hadn't been
involved in the US alliance? Probably not.