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I make it 770 kg.... still not something I would want to drop
on my toes...

might hiring some scaffold poles to make a frame from be a
way to go ?

Regards Jonathan

to carve a log that size down to a submarine hull shape is a huge amount
work.. and actually achieving the shape on a home made jig will be very

for a fibre glass hull you could make a series of thin plywood bulkheads,
slotted on to a pair of thick central forms set at right angles. fill the
gaps with foam, ( polyurethane ) and lay up the fibre glass on the foam.
It would be easy to model blow tanks, deck, conning tower etc, which it
would not be possible to do with a simple turned log.

Regards Jonathan

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Well if I have to use another method then I will, but I really want to
exhaust the lathe possiibility first.