Kasenite case hardening

Needed to case harden some parts today - first time in a while. Dug
out my tub of 'Kasenite substitute' Dagarnite which I bought over a
year ago at one of the shows - I think from Chronos but maybe not.

Now with genuine Kasenite you can heat the part to cherry red, dip it
in the Kasenite tin, and when you pull it out the Kasenite will have
fused round it and you can carry on with the torch to let the carbon
be absorbed. So I did this without reading the label (as per normal
<G>) and nothing stuck to the part . . humph ! In desperation while
holding torch in one hand, tongs with part in second hand I used my
third hand to pick up the pot and read the destructions. "fill
container to 75% heat part put it in, carry on heating for 1/2 hour .
.. mmmm OK I got an acceptable result in the end using a tuna tin but
not as convenient.

Now I remember someone commenting that in the absence of the right
stuff sugar could be used at a pinch - it is after all mainly carbon
and was used by WW2 POWs to make wire cutters hard - and thinks I - it
goes sticky when hot! So I just tried an experiment, and mixed castor
sugar with the Dagarnite and used it with the 'dip method' - it does
actually work and now adheres to the red hot metal but is not as good
as genuine Kasenite.

.....so to the crux of the matter - who's got a few drums of the
genuine stuff lying arround that I can liberate?