Re: Fly.

Thu, 14 Feb 2008 11:06:07 <zgVsj.89$GQ6.86@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> uk.rec.humour phylkat <jemisa@xxxxxxxxx>

Nah! Its me Paul, I had a b/day yesterday & its gone to my head Doh!!...

I'm not convinced you understand the recycled jokes you post. It would help me to understand why you are polluting this group if you added a comment to each of your postings saying why you found it funny.

Someone out there is sending you stuff and giggling to themselves thinking, "she won't get this one either, bet she posts it to uk.rec.humour anyway"

I found the "gone to my head" comment in conjunction with shit amusing. Perhaps it was meant in a self deprecatory way? Personally I think the faeces are already in your head.

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