Not my most diplomatic moment

My neighbour (who we constantly have bickering disputes with) has just
knocked on my door and asked when I'm going to do something with the
'eyesore' of a climbing rose on the wall next to her house (on our land,
up our wall, but potentially flopping towards her house, and dropping
petals onto our land which may blow onto her path)

Given I'd just been deadheading it yesterday, this didn't really please
me too much. I'm normally more placating, but this time I just told
her I like it and to piss off. I've pinned it up so it's not flopping
near her window any more, and you can walk under it without it bopping
on the head (over /our/ bit of path, which runs down the front of all
the houses).

Since when has a rose full of flowers ever been "an eyesore"?!