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You denied that you called me an imbecile.
Well, look at this.

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That way you will at least stand some chance of success in future.

I didn't get where I am today by being somewhere else!
I am not the fool you think I am (translation)

I did not ask for advice on this subject, but accept gladly even so.
It proves to me that people either want to help, or try to insist,
without a
qualifications that I can see, that they know best. This is not aimed
at you, Martin Brown.(there is another Martin)

I have been reporting to this group the conditions of my personal and
circumstances and sometimes I have been very frustrated with all that
is going on around me.
I think it is on topic, borderline I know.
There are people in this group that actually care about this and the
possibilily that it might affect them when the weather turns.

My rant is over and drawn a line under it.

Best wishes .

"I am not the fool you think I am (translation)"

I wouldnt say you were a fool...............I think the word imbecile
is far more appropriate, as you seem quite unaware of the fact you may
in effect end up with a property which is pretty much worthless, and
you dont seem to have a clue as to how to address this situation!