Dyslexia -v- imbecile To Janet and steerpike

For your information, Janet, dyslexia is not a disease, and it does not
affect my judgement. Mine is a reading and writing disorder. It does not
make me "thick" or uneducated, I just have to try harder to understand
the written word. My IQ is not an issue here as much as your delusions of
grandeur. Patting me on the head would only result in a verbal, but
polite volley from me, and possibly an allegation of assault.. Then it
would be up to the courts to decide who is an imbecile.

For you information, my IQ has been tested many times during my life
because of my dyslexia. average over the years is 124 peaking at 133 when
I was 18 years old.
I can read music, play the piano and a few other stringed instruments,
play Bridge, oh yes! write music. I am dextrous which is essential being
a carpenter and joiner, and my hobby which is restoring post war
motorcycles. My main hobby now is gardening but I find time for all of
the above.
But, of course anyone can say that in a newsgroup. I am being sincere.