Flood area?

Well, I have some documents at hand from water authourities, the local
council, and most importantly my solicitor.

The bottom line is that I, or the condition of my property cannot be
responsible for third party negligence.

All 4 have accepted this (I am the fourth).
My insurers have already accepted this. As they always have done. AND as
per contract will cover the legal costs.

I asked the million dollar question "will you continue to insure me". Yes.
Correct answer. Of course every renewal will be loaded and that is accepted
by me, but not as some alarmists predict. 3% is an estimate.
There is also a possibility of compensation once the negligent authourities
have been claimed upon. That will remain to be seen.

The rest of the houses on this street are in the same situation, lets see
how things go. Some of them dont have anything else or another place to go
to. Imagine that!