Allotment Society produce show

Is this weekend.

Well, I've just eaten this year's crop of gooseberries (all 3 of them) so unless there is a category for the biggest weight of weeds per square metre I'm not sure I have anything to enter.

Been away from the allotment for a few weeks because I damaged a knee and the weeds have grown enormously in that time in the cultivated area.
I found the garlic again last night, and the end of the rows of leeks (still alive but in hiding), onions (from sets) (also still alive but hiding) and there are a few cabages peeping out of the weed cover.
So some careful but extensive weeding should hopefully reveal the surviving vegetables.
The upside (as my allotment neighbour keeps reminding me) is that if the weeds grow so well then it most be good ground.
The downside is that the garlic (and presumably the onions) has grown leggy because of all the surrounding weeds.
Hopefull it will firm up now daylight is visible.


Dave R

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