I went into town this morning to visit the library and to get some petrol.
I went to the petrol station first. As I left, there were a few spots of rain.
As I parked in town, it was drizzling.
I came out the library and went to a shop to see if they had some small food containers so I can make some gooseberry ice-cream [they didn't]. As I came out, the rain was, well, rain. No probs, zipped my waterproof up and put the hood up. Decided to get a coffee in the posh coffee shop, seeing as it's the last day of my holiday.
On the way, just as I'd reached the point where I was further from the car then the coffee shop, it deluged.
Discovered my waterproof is *not* waterproof.
Spent an hour in the coffee shop, with lots of others, watching the rain get heavier and heavier. Decided that as I was wet anyway, I might as well make a run for it.
Got to the car and realized I was now wet through.
Drove home through two floods of at least six inches and rising, one on a roundabout, one at a major junction.
Got in and had to change completely. Gave up any idea of visiting the lottie.
It's a lovely evening now. Spit.