Response to plants?

I take it as read that most folk here have a generally favourable reaction to most plants. We all have our favourites and pets of course but I'm not thinking about that.
Rather I'm asking how visitors to your gardens react to what they see/smell/touch?
Sadly I and Mrs Rod are beginning to conclude that most folks are almost blind to plants or almost scared of them turning into triffids and overwhelming the world.
Also profoundly ignorant - where were they when biology was being taught at school?
In the last week or 2 we've seen a perfectly innocent Cedrus deodora 'pendula' destroyed because it was shedding it's old needles, a lovely honeysuckle destroyed in full bud - the guy didn't even know what it was and too stupid to ask.
A mature and beautiful bush of the rose 'Ena Harkness' 'pruned'(mutilated) in full flower - It was cut down to less than half flowers/buds notwithstanding.
In our garden a common reaction is 'nice fence' or 'can I look in your workshop?'
The profusion of flowers, foliage and scents commonly gets 'null points'