For the last couple of years when we have bought Strawberries from the supermarkets we sniff them first to try for flavour, then comes the taste test at home, well last week we bought a pack of Buddy (Strawberry (Everbearer) Buddy) from Sainsburys, got round to them today, they were all still good, and then the taste, first class, and over half an hour later I've still got the lingering taste, no need for sugar.
" This exciting new variety of strawberry will provide a continuous supply of large, deep red berries from June through to October. Bred from a breeding programme at East Malling to develop varieties suitable to our ever changing climate, strawberry Buddy will continue to produce sweet tasting fruits, even in very hot weather".
Watch out for them and see what you think.
What is your favourite variety of Strawberry?
David @ the damp end of Swansea Bay