My free seeds from Grow it magazine

I only bought the magazine because the free seeds far exceeded the value of
the magazine. Three different types of courgette and two different
We decided not to bother with the pumpkins.
When the packet was opened it said "average contents 5 seeds" The
"ordinary" green courgette packet had 8 seeds in, the round one 4 and the
patty pan 4.
We sowed 4 green, 3 came up, 3 round, two came up, and 3 patty pans, two
came up.
We planted the greens and rounds out on the lottie today, the patty pans are
a bit behind so they will go out in a week or ten days or the slugs will
surely get them.
These were Thompson & Morgan seeds, so I don't think they've done too badly,
germination wise.
After we'd planted them, I said to my brother "you've hardened them off a
bit by having them out in the day for a while, haven't you?"

Er, no. Too late now, we'll just have to see how they get on.

Poor bro learnt a hard lesson this week by buying some sprout and broc
plants from our local garden shop and putting them out without netting them.
By the next day the woodies had had a good chomp which sent him hurtling to
Wilkos for a net.
Should have asked his big sister ;-) but it's a learning curve for him and
these mistakes will make him a better gardener in the end.