It it just me ...?

This is about GardenBanter! :~)

Whilst multi-tasking at the old computer this afternoon (running all
the end of year financial stuff that I should have done in April) I've
been doing a bit of URG archiving.

Relevant that I'm using News.Individual.Net as my news provider.

I've noticed that Kay's posts to the group can occasionally freeze for
a while (and Kay's acknowledged this); sometimes they appear like
buses and other times they don't get as far as my newsreader.

But whilst archiving, I've noticed:

1) a high proportion of GardenBanter questions to which one or more of
us responds with a "more information" request which is never answered
so the question just dries up;
2) that GardenBanter, far from being a "community", seems to be a say
hello, ask a question, disappear place. With the exception of Kay,
there appear to be no "regulars" which seems a little odd, given the
"viewed" counts on some of its posts.

I know there are those among us who regard GB as a pain. TBH, I think
GB itself is a pain but its users are not, if you get my drift.

But I'm beginning to wonder whether a lot of budding gardeners are
being put off. Are people responding to our requests for more info but
that response doesn't get out of the GB system? Is there a "community"
at GB which we're not seeing?

(Incidentally we often tell people to look at the "sticky" at the top
of the relevant bit of GB. That's a very old sticky. The more recent
version which the group spent time devising is somewhere down a page

I suppose, at the end of the day, we embrace, tolerate or ignore GB
users. But if we want to do anything other than ignore then it's worth
checking out what seems to be going wrong. If, as I suspect, URGlers
provide the majority of the answers that draw GB users to it and,
without which, GB would not cover its costs by advertising income, we
have some clout and could perhaps persuade the owner(s) to do
something about their problems.

What do you think, Kay (in particular)?

(Forget communicating with the unmonitored GB admin system; I have
actual contact details of the owner.)

Cheers, Jake
Urgling from Swansea Bay. Dave's at that end; I'm at this end.
Bill G's in the middle. Come to think of it, where is Bill G these days?

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