What a change

Well another day and it looks like a different season.
Gone is the rain and the gale force winds, just sunshine and a light zephyr of a breeze.
I've had a walk round and apologised to the species dahlias I planted out 2 days before that weather hit, as I don't speak Mexican I don't know if they were swearing at me, but they don't look to bad.
The first of the runner beans are starting to show through, so I did a quick spray to knock the newly emerged weed seed on the head and to cut down on future weeding.
Tied up a few of the grapevines, will have to do more asap, but they are all carrying a lot of flower bud, so who knows, this could be the year of Château Hill, but I won't dust off the press just yet.
Now all I have to do is to pot and plant out a few thousand dahlias and I'm done (well except for every other job that is waiting to be done.
David @ the balmy end of Swansea bay