Previous years I had bought B&Q compost - and this choice was reinforced by
Which?'s best buy result.

This year they have changed the compost - and it is appalling. The bag I
bought was full of bits of wood - some bits of polythene and also white mould
on some of the wood.

I have just tried an Aldi bag - and it is much the same (but cheaper). It even
had a section of an old green plastic plant tie in it. There was an awful lot
of unrotted small wood chippings in it.

I guess this all comes about by local authorities making "compost" from the
recyclable rubbish. I know that my own does; I have never bought any directly
from them as I was just not happy at not knowing what was in it. What if
someone had put some old plant material which had been treated with weed-killer
in their recyclable refuse?

Moan over.

What do other people use for general purpose compost (growing tomatoes in) and
also compost for seeds and seedlings?