The old Football Ground had planning permission applied for but refused because it was a 'local amenity facility'. Travelers moved in, set up camp and had to be evicted. Owner ploughs up the surface to prevent them moving back in, including lots of the land drains.

Area becomes a tip and dumping ground. Local Parish Council buys it with the intention of returning it to its former use, a football pitch. A public path runs the length of the South side with a row of 104 Holm Oaks on the other side of the path. These Holm Oaks have spread their branches over the path and are well into and down onto the ground. A block TPO is on these Holm Oaks. Public Paths and TPO Officer visit and give permission to trim back. Many of the larger pieces of timber are given to the local Wood Turning Society.

Trees around and now on the pitch in a poor state.

Now it gets complicated so if you think you know all about TPO's read on.

I was a Councilor involved in this case. We knew that the land/trees on the land were somehow involved with a TPO, so we got the TPO person in. Some of the trees were in a shocking state and he sprayed orange crosses on those which we could fell or could lop or trim.

Contractors started. Stopped immediately 'because there is a TPO on the land'. "No we have had the TPO person in and he has given permission to fell some" ... 'No, there is a TPO on ALL TREES on the land'

A TPO on a 'piece of land' applies to all of them, saplings as well which have grown since the TPO was applied.

Outcome? Every tree, EVERY TREE, which was deemed to be savable had to be marked on a map with dimensions to the boundary and the next tree so there was no mistake and a new TPO applied for and in place BEFORE the old TPO is removed. Trees could not be removed until the old TPO had been cancelled, so at one point, two TPO's were in place

Some of you will of course say that is a load of tosh because it is me giving you all good advice and what actually happened, but to those willing to take advice, be warned, that is how it happened to us. A blanket TPO on a piece of land applies to all trees, saplings as well.

And now? Football Pitch restored and a local team have a lease on it :-)) and it is well used.




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