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Thanks to everyone who has shown concern.

Today we have a firm from the insurance to dry out the ground
Lots of dehumidifiers humming and buzzing with generators, almost
silent compared with the pumping noise nearby.

Insurer is glad to pay any expenses occurring including hotel. We
not need that because we are staying at sons house, but even so
propose to pay our upkeep and a bit extra. Goes on about
inconvenience. Another matter. I have got to say that our insurers
have been very good, so far. Even advising us to claim for carpet

Well they are admitting liability by drying the ground floor?
What a mess. All we want is to move back in.

It's very good to hear that they have treated you well Baz.
Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

Thankyou, Fuschia.
Just one bit of sh*t after another here. It will get better, sure of
it! We perhaps should have stayed put in the old house we lived in,
instead of this older and sh**tier one. Very much bigger garden here
and more rooms but we never even thought about floods, never been
floods here.

What does the Environment Agency flood map show for where your house
is located?

Post code?

or town

Not being funny or smartass. could work?

Put the nearest place and drag the map to where you live.

Did do that and not recognised. even postcode. Joke?

The page even when I put in Scunthorpe gave me

Did you mean: xanthippe