Re: What a wonderfull day!

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On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 08:55:31 -0800 (PST), Dave Hill

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Twice today I have tried to get out  to bring in more pot dahlias,
first time I had just got 3 boxes filled and was putting them onto the
sack truck when the hail started belting down, 10 mins later it eased
off till I was half way back then more hail.
On and Off most of the afternoonTill around 4pm when there was a burst
of sunshine so I tried again, goyt just 12 lifted and it started to
hail again, managed to get another dozen lifted and had to call that
it for the day.
Thje ground is white with hail.
At the white end of Swansea Bay.

At your wits end at the wrong end, Dave? :-)


I should have added that we have had a Leylandiitree brought down,
trunk was around 14 inches through and it's been snaped a couple of
feet above ground level.
Yesterday the Mumbles had a gust of 81mph, and we look down on the
Mumbles, today the strongest gust has been 61mph, and now it's just
gusting to around 50 mph.