Re: Growing wisteria from seeds?

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I've pulled some ripe pods off the wisteria. Any advice and tips please on when and how to try planting them?

Variety Wisteria floribunda Pink ice.

The wisteria is all on its own, so the plant has self pollinated. Does this mean the seeds will come true or is it pot luck what the plants will be like?

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Just sow and forget, they germinate best after a winters cold, you do need rodent protection to stop them getting eaten.

It will be pot luck for colour and form, but my own plant is a seedling and is a cracker, most wisteria are going to be good, the down side is waiting for the first flowers, can be up to 25 years for W sinensis but the good news for you is W Pink Ice is a floribunda cultivar and they flower a lot quicker, my own plant took only 5 years to flower from seed.

Go for it

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