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There's an advert in the Radio Times for "perfect orange and lemon
trees that will thrive and grow like crazy in your garden here in UK".
It says they will survive "severe frosts down to -5 C or you pay

-5 Celsius is a severe frost? Oh, get real!

It makes water quite hard...

I've friend in the Highlands: now they *HAVE* had a severe frost or three innit ye ken.

Not having a greenhouse or conservatory I've never had a lemon tree.
Any opinions? Any advice? Has anyone grown these? I'm quite tempted,
but it seems too good to be true.

Don't bother, unless you are in a very warm part of the country.
They are reasonably tough, but critically need winter protection
almost everywhere in the UK. It's the combination of cold and wet
that kills them.

A sort-of sentry-box made from Twinwall polycarbonate should sort that.