Re: Reporting back on Datil seeds

Ruby Hare wrote:

Well done on your Bonnets. I've got a Fatali and a Caribbean Red I
overwintered. I'm putting off feeding them until I get round to
potting them on. Did you cut yours back last autumn?


No, but each one is only about a foot high. They're in window box troughs,
three in each one. So just brought them inside & took all the fruits off.

They all got a huge greenfly problem as soon as they came in to the warm
which i treated with imidacloprid which worked very well.

One of the 9 suddenly curled up it's toes about a month ago but the others
seem ok...ish. There's some yellowing of the leaves with some leaves
dropping off. But there's also new growth coming with tiny flower buds

The plan is to put a few outside in the ground once last frosts are over and
the others I plan to scrape off what compost I can, feed with some slow
release pellets and then top dress. Maybe even leaving them on the windowsil
in here as fruiting houseplants. Might have to do my bee impression with a
little paint brush to aid pollination though...

First time growing chillis for me... Looking forward to seeing what they can
do this summer.

Any tips Wendy?