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The question is answered.

Don't worry is from the BBC so is quite safe to open.

The NTS must have been reading advice on urg

reading = copying from? :o)

I can't believe it's attracted all this comment, it's a non-question.

As we've all discovered, plant material composts. It sets off by itself,
with or without urine. I've had as small an amount as a wheelbarrow full
of weeds set off. Urinating on the compost stems from there being no
toilets on allotments. AFAIK it does no harm, but if you don't do it the
stuff composts anyway.


Certainly but AIUI, it's acting as an accelerant.  I must admit I don't
quite see why this compost is needed so quickly but.....!

There is some stuff on salecannot remember the name but it is marketed as an
organic accelerant for compost and costs a bomb, what I don't understand is
why people pay for it when it obviously comes free!


That's the theory behind this, of course but it still doesn't explain
why people need compost in *such* a hurry.  ;-)
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But, as already mentioned, if the compost acceleration is merely a by-
product to savings on water usage (loo flushing) then the focus is
environmental friendliness and not just to compost quickly