Re: Raised beds

Sacha <sacha@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes
On 2009-11-12 12:39:42 +0000, Martin <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

... you wish you weren't GB's secretary?

I think the media witch hunt over that was awful. It is indeed the job of his office staff to make sure such things are checked and re-checked and that he is given the correct information. Knowing he has a severe eyesight problem should make his secretarial staff especially vigilant.

I was shocked by the mother's 'advice' that next time he should get the letter typed or written by someone else. Have we really reached a state where a typewritten letter drafted by an official is regarded is better than a personal handwritten letter?

I'm from the generation which believed that type-writing a personal letter was an indication of a lack of regard for your correspondent.