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In general, what do people think of planting anything while it is in

It feels like it's a bad idea because if the plant's already putting
the effort in to creating flowers adding the hassle of settling in to a
new place might be mean.

I ask because I realised I have always avoided it but no one ever told
me to!

Maybe it isn't that bad?

Your post made me think a bit. I too have the view that it's 'not good'
to plant while plants are in flower but I realise that I've done it often
and seemingly with no long term bad result for the plant.

I've even moved already in the soil and not just in pots whilst they are
in flower (usually bulbs because I've I thought of them/saw
them/encountered them.

Blaby Rose Gardens in Leicestershire were the first we encountered where we
could buy the 'Instant Garden' back in the 1960's. Since then we have bought
plants in flower from such as B&Q and other Garden Centres and planted them
out :-))


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