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We have just taken down 7 conifers which was a nightmare trying to get
the stumps out, and had a new fence erected the fence is 21 feet long I
want something that will grow about 8 feet in height but nothing that
comes out to bushy . With the ground being so dry I have treated the
soil first with a bonemeal from the garden centre and then put down
several bags of multi purpose compost it is not too bad now as we have
had quite a bit of rain so the soil is quite soft I was worried with
the conifers taking all the goodness out of the soil that nothing that
I planted on the patio seemed to grow so would be grateful of some

Many thanks

Hi Mollie,

Your picture urls have turned up in the 'Snake's Head Fritillary' post!
may never know why. Anyway, I have posted a reply there ....



How innovative. Haven't seen that yet!
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It wasn't on RG's computer either. Fortunately, I showed him this
'innovation' on my computer, otherwise I'd think I was seeing things! I
imagine everyone else has these urls in their proper place? Typical! Why
me? :~)