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We always used to put veg peelings on the compost heap but that was to
get rid of them rather than to make compost. We mainly make compost
from grass clippings and shreddings.

I put cardboard and paper on mine as well. In winter, it gets a high proportion of card and paper, so veg peelings are a welcome addition.

Does that mean you put fish heads and meat scraps in the cone?

Everything that comes off plates after dinner, anything that has gone
off, bones (not much as most of the family are vegetarian), and yes,
fish heads. We only started it a few weeks ago for the first few
weeks it was smelly, I am hoping it will calm down. We did put some
stuff in that would stink to high heaven anyway (meaty bones). It is
a big cone shaped thing. It has a basket underneath that gets buried
about 1.5Mdeep. Initially it has no worms or wildlife. I guess they
will take time to find it.

When I lived in a house with no indoor loo, I had a hole just outside the back door which took a large amount of urine (on a wet windy night it's far nicer to use a bucket and tip it outside the back door rather than head off down the garden and sit in a draughty hut), tea leaves and veg peelings - it was as sweet as anything and produced wonderful compost.