Re: What kind of worms?

Des Higgins <dazzhiggins@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes
I gave up with my wormery (I live in Monkstown) after 6 months as the worms never looked very happy and it just never got going. Most food waste seemed to just accumulate and or/go rotten and it was hard to keep not too hot or cold or too wet or too dry. Now we have one of those green cone things that you used to be able to get from somwhere in Dublin for free or subsidised but we bought it in the eco shop in Greystones. It is hard work (my wife dug the hole). You have to dig a big hole and bury half of it but we now put all cooked food waste in it. We also have a whopping big normal compost heap but now put all veg. peelings in the cone.

Why have you decided not to put veg peelings and cooked food on the compost heap?

It smells at this stage but only if you lift the lid and put your face close to it. I am hoping the smell will stabilise when it gets going but even if not, it is still worth it. Now, nothing smelly ever goes in the domestic refuse.

Does that mean you put fish heads and meat scraps in the cone?