Re: apricots

"Fred" wrote
I would like to buy an apricot tree. The book the "fruit expert"
mentions Moorpark and early moorpark. Are these the best varieties for
the UK?

I visited my local garden centre and they do not have these varieties.
Instead they have Tomcot, Goldcot, and Golden Glow (IIRC). Do you have
any experience of these?

I have a south facing garden in the midlands. The label of the goldcot
said it was a US variety, especially suited to the cold, wet UK
conditions. Is this so? if so, I might be tempted to try that, unless
anyone recommends different.

We used to have an Apricot tree for very many year until it got struck by
lightning whilst we were on holiday. In all those years we only got two
fruit! (and we live near the Thames)
I hope you have a very protected and warm south facing spot for it and
choose one of the modern varieties that have been bred for the cold
conditions. (I think I've read somewhere they are mainly from Canada)

Bob Hobden