Re: Something that looks like Parsley....

dazzhiggins@xxxxxxxxxxx writes

David WE Roberts wrote:

my first Spring with a new garden and there is a lot of stuff that looks
very like parsley. Dark green leaf with lighter flecks.

It is so prolific that it is almost certainly a weed; there are also no
signs of any flowers at the moment.

Before I rip it out I would just like to check that it is in fact a weed :-)

Any suggestions?


Dave R

Wild (ho ho ho) guess:

Pineapple weed (smells of pineapple when crushed)/Matricaria

Herb Robert? (Geranium robertianum)

Evil smell when you pull it out. Dark green leaves, tends to have light patterns, often red stems, coming from a central rosette which forms a convenient 'lump' to grab hold of when pulling out a plant. Easy to uproot, but seeds like nothing on earth to give a complete carpet of seedlings.


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