Re: 1st Tumbler Tomato

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excellent... Mine are just babies in comparrison !
I started the first batch from seed about a month ago, only 3 have come on
and made decent plants.

Yes, they only gave me 7 seeds so failures are expensive - maybe I was
lucky, all 7 came up.

I then planted another load about 2 weeks ago, about 10 of those have now
planted on to 3" pots.
I assume you also started from seed ?? Would you mind describing the
potting on process you went through ?

Whilst the greenhouse was heated to an ambient temp of 60f, the seeds were
in an electric propagator at a temp of 75f. They came through in 3 days. I
tend to pot onto the smallest pots after a couple of weeks potting well down
to just below the seed leaves.
They were then grown on in the greenhouse with the temp raised to 63f. Bear
in mind the Shirley seeds were also treated exactly the same.

How big were they when you planted

They were potted onto the next size and planted up into the hanging baskets
when the first truss appeared - 2 per 18 inch basket with good potting
compost & gell water retainer.
By keeping the plants as close to the glass as possible it helped to reduce

them on to their final resting place ?? Do you hve only one plant per
basket ?

I have three baskets but only room for one now in the greenhouse with all
the other tomatoes & cues.

I have chanced my arm this weekend and put the other 2 outside in a
sheltered sunny spot by the house - fingers crossed (it worked last year)

I'm sure your will be successful.


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