Re: Yields of Vegetables

JB wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:29:10 -0000, "Mike Lyle"
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>>Joy Larkcom's very good _Vegetables For Small Gardens_ has a detailed
>>chapter on planning, with special reference to the needs of a family,
>>but doesn't actually predict yields. For some people, the book may
>>seem like too much information in too concentrated a form, but those
>>who like that kind of thing will find it's the kind of thing that
>>they like. I reckon it's as good a starting-point as any.
> Unfortunately that seems to be pretty unavailable. What is available
> is "Grow your own vegetables" by Joy Larkcom which, judging by the
> reviews on Amazon, seems to be well received. Does anyone know if that
> covers the same material?

More or less: again, it has a plan for a plot to feed a family (I was
convinced when I started to write this that it was a family of four, but I
can't find it mentioned anywhere now). It's for a four bed rotational
system, with details of the area given over to each vegetable within a bed,
and the time it will be in the ground. I don't think yield is actually
mentioned anywhere in the book. In fact even the number of each veg to
plant isn't mentioned in the family plan itself, but the description of
each veg in the directory gives very detailed instructions on spacing for
growing either in traditional rows or equidistant spacing in narrow beds so
you could work it out easily.

I've only just started my first allotment last June, so it's early days, but
this book was a present from my partner and has been invaluable so far.
Mostly the old hands on the site seem to approve of what I've been doing,
although the "wasted space" by using the narrow bed system raised a few
eyebrows. I'd also agree with the earlier post that the best advice is
local advice - Larkcom is writing from her experience in her part of the
country, and when a neighbour who's been growing veg next to my plot for
decades tells me e.g. a different date for planting out spring cabbage I'll
go with their advice.