Re: Leather Cup Washers

I have often wondered how you get the oil out of a Neats Foot, anybody know?

Martin P

"Peter A Forbes" <diesel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 16:57:52 GMT, "Paul Swindell"

I have just dragged a Lee Howell water pump from the back of my Dads
this pump was restored about 10 years ago and rallied twice. During
restoration it had new leather cup washers fitted, but because it has not
been used for so long these have gone hard. Can anyone recommend to me a
suitable oil to soak them in and hopefully soften them up?
Many Thanks Paul.

Neatsfoot Oil is good, or one of the specialist greases for waterproofing

Peter & Rita Forbes
Email: diesel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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