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It would be interesting to hear whether any have ever said it was
difficult/impossible to deliver to a particular place.

Yes, I took some floorbeams to the Lleyn Peninsula, to be used on the first
house to be built there for over 100 years. Up a tiny little lane.

After I had delivered them, the JCB had to follow me for three miles,
lifting the rear of my trailer and pushing it round at every corner because
they were all too tight for the truck.

I regularly do site deliveries to rural sites and they are normally
difficult, but if a house is to to be built somewhere, then trucks have to
deliver to the site.

I took some wind turbine masts from Hull to just past Buncrana. Going
through Buncrana, the Garda had to put cars on the pavement and just
outside the town, they had to demolish a wall on a bridge so we could
reverse over it and even then on the rear bogey, you had to have three
of the five axles hanging over the edge on the corner in order to make
From then on it was single track until we got to a point where they'd
cut a big square out of the hill so we could make a right turn before
being which towed up the mountain track to the site where they were
erected by a caterpillar tractor.

And car drivers bitch because they only have 12" either side to reverse


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