Re: Psycholists don't need helmets

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How can you totally avoid potential head injury accidents on a push
bike, with all those 'killer' drivers around (according to Doug)?
Derek C
Perhaps we could all cycle on those non-existent cycle paths you were

But if you want to "totally avoid potential head injury accidents" why
are you restricting it to only cyclists. They represent a tiny
proportion of head injury accidents.


There are plenty of cyclepaths that cyclists choose not to ride on, so
that they can deliberately get in the way of motorists!


Yes but you have been saying they should be riding on cycle paths that
don't even exist. You still haven't clarified whether you were wrong or
were actually finally agreeing with the suggestion* you have previously
opposed that cyclist cycle on the pavement to avoid dangerous traffic.

Any your response to my question about helmets is?


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If there is a decent, clearly marked cycle path cyclists should use

Would "decent" mean safe?