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Actually I am quite good at balancing on a bike and can do so at zero
speed. If you are concerned about slips in the bathroom, why not push
for anti-slip mats?  Cycle helmets are appropriate for road accidents
on bicycles, as are anti-slip mats for bathroom accidents.

I am not concerned about slips in the bathroom that much.

However I dispute the claim that cycle helmets are appropriate for road
accidents. I would certainly not be happy going into a road accident with a
cycle helmet on. Especially if it involved a car or larger vehicle.

If you want to bash your bare head in, I won't try to stop you.

Derek C

Best not to bash your head at all. Then the helmet issue becomes

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How can you totally avoid potential head injury accidents on a push
bike, with all those 'killer' drivers around (according to Doug)?

Derek C

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