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not under mileburners proposal of a 20 limit for them.

Only where they *both* may exist. You seem to have conveniently
that the other part of the so-called "proposal" was that trucks and
were to be totally segregated.

which cannot happen without massive infrastructure changes

I do not agree. It would be fairly simple to nominate all/most out of
major through routes, (trunk roads A roads etc.) for use by motor
only, and all other roads, (B, C, unclassified, urban roads etc) to be
restricted to 20mph.

That's probably the dumbest proposal I've heard yet.

A-roads are A-roads because they are the obvious routes between places
people want to go. I don't think I can get from home to work
without doing significant distance on out-of-town A-roads.

How would you propose to get from Dorking to pretty much anywhere, for
example? North and South it's the A24, East and West it's the A25.
North on the A24 there's a segregated lane, but the rest of the routes
don't have such. It would be possible to leave the town, but to get
out to, say, Wotton, only by going via Coldharbour and Leith Hill, so
a two mile run on the A25 becomes what, eight or nine miles taking in
the highest point in the SE of England.

It looks like that was not such a good idea and the drivers will need to
learn how to road share instead...