Re: Good news for the non-lethal road users

Doug wrote:
On 20 June, 17:50, "Paul - xxx" <notcheckede...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Doug wrote:
On 19 June, 18:55, "Paul - xxx" <notcheckede...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Squashme wrote:
"The number of deaths and severe injuries caused to cyclists on
the streets of London fell last year, according to statistics
released today by Transport for London."
I'm a non-lethal road user.
Everyone is until they aren't .. whatever vehicle they use.
No they are all potentially lethal,
Heh, goalposts moved yet again.

Your title says non-lethal with no codicil for any variation. I, and
everyone else who hasn't killed anyone else on the road, are non-lethal
road users.

Only if you can absolutely guarantee that you will never kill on
roads, which you can't.

He also can't guarantee that he will kill, so he must be potentially non-lethal.

In order to be non-lethal they
would need to die now after having killed no one on our roads or
pavements up until that point. They would need to be honest about it
too, no hit and runs or blaming the vulnerable victim.
I can honestly say without any shadow of doubt that I am currently and
always have been a non-lethal road user. Everyone who uses roads and
hasn't killed anyone else on the roads is a non-lethal road user.

Only up until the next point in time when you are driving.

So you at last agree we the rest of us.

Just 'cos you can't agree with the concept you started when others
point 'differences' out doesn't mean it isn't true. You really ought to
keep some perspective when defining new titles and generalisations,
it's so rare that they work for you.

Seeing as you like changing goalposts, here's another concept for you
to think about then ..

You wrote ...

"The number of deaths and severe injuries caused to cyclists on the
streets of London fell last year"

No I didn't write it.
Which means that other road users were less lethal. Or there are fewer
lethal drivers out there.

Sounds good to me ... ;)

Yes but presumably up until that point they would have been so-called
'non-lethal'. Obviously then, non-lethal road users can easily become
lethal at any time, which accords with empirical evidence. It follows
that the term 'non-lethal' has very little significance where the
future, or this thread, is concerned.

Wriggle wriggle

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