Re: RLJers again

Ian Smith wrote:
On Thu, 17 Jun 2010 06:59:38 +0100, Tony Dragon <tony.dragon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Phil W Lee wrote:
As far as I can see, of the motorists who have the opportunity to RLJ,
a greater proportion do so than cyclists.
The fact that the majority are prevented from doing so by the first
one to stop is the only thing that makes the cyclists look worse - it
seems "normal" for at least two cars to go through after the red, so
2/3rds of motorists are RLJing when they have the chance.
If you doubt this, ask a traffic light engineer about how they have
had to change the timings to prevent motorist RLJs hitting each other
over the last few years.
So today you are reinventing maths.

Even if we accept your claim that two motorists go through the lights after the red, how do you manage to make that two thirds of motorists jump red lights.

In the situation described, three motorists were put in a situation where they had a choice as to whether to jump the red light or not. Two of them did so.

Normally, if two out of three people do something, that could be described as two-thirds of them having done so without anyone questioning the arithmetic.

Yes, you have just proved that two out of three motorists at that place at that instance jumped the lights, but you said two out of three motorists jump red lights (that means all motorists). now I don't know where I was when that happened, but I know I was not jumping a red light, so now it's two out of four.

Or I could say what happened today, at one set of traffic lights there was only one cyclist & he jumped the lights, oh look 100% of cyclists jump red lights.

Tony Dragon