Re: Michelin Erilium 2 Kevlar - 2miles, then a puncture!

On Sun, 07 Mar 2010 15:31:16 +0000
MW <notreally@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Realising the old tyres were a bit threadbare, I bought a pair of
Michelin Erilium 2 Kevlar tyres - ultimate protection they reckon.

I think the fact you can buy them for £9 suggests they're not as great
as they might claim.

Popped them on this morning, new tubes, then 2miles down the road, a

Granted, it was a nasty bit of flint that couldn't have been designed
better to cause a puncture, but still, just 2 miles?


Seriously though, is being rather heavier than most cyclists going to
increase the chances of a puncture?

That's open to debate. With tyres at the same pressure you'll have a
greater contact area and more deformation of the casing perhaps so
perhaps more likely to pick something up. With tyres at a
proportionately higher pressure to produce a similar contact area they
may be more prone to cuts because the casing is under greater tension,
but less prone to punctures because reduced deformation around a spike
means it's less likely to dig in. Or something.