Old Street roundabout accident. "Life-changing injury".

A truly chilling euphemism:

11 June 2008

A CYCLIST suffered horrific injuries and may lose his leg after being
struck by
a lorry in a horror collision at "the most dangerous junction in

The 30-year-old was hit by a heavy goods vehicle at Old Street
Roundabout in
Finsbury during the height of rush hour yesterday (Wednesday) morning.
He was
taken to the Royal Free Hospital with leg wounds that police describe
"potentially life changing." Traffic jams went back to the Angel and

The Gazette has previously reported that cyclists view the roundabout
as a death
trap - with a cyclist left paralysed after
breaking his back at the spot two months ago. The latest accident has
led to
fresh calls for action before someone is killed.

John Ackers, of Islington Cyclists' Action Group, said: "This is a
injury. We are very sorry for the cyclist and hope that he fully
recovers. It is
definitely one of the most dangerous junctions in Islington - I can't
think of
any roundabout that is more dangerous. There are three lanes of
traffic and it
is very difficult for cyclists to move between them. Any measure to
traffic speed and volume on the roundabout would make it safer."

Local councillor George Allan, a keen cyclist, said: "I am deeply
sorry to hear
of another cyclist being hit. We must hope this gentleman survives his
and fully recovers. Lucky is probably not the word - any collision
between a
lorry and a cyclist is extremely serious."

He added: "The roundabout was made much safer about four years ago by
introduction of traffic lights and advanced stopping lines for
cyclists. But
there is an irreducible minimum of risk at the roundabout and I hope
TfL will
look at what more can be done."

A police spokeswoman said: "We were called to an accident at 7.50am to
collision between a lorry and a pedal cyclist. A 30-year-old man was
taken to
hospital with potential life changing but not life threatening
injuries." A TfL
spokesman said: "We are always looking to improve safety for cyclists.
It is one
of our top priorities."

Grim news. That roundabout and Aldgate are both junctions of death.