Re: Central locking on Mk3 Golf?

MankyManning wrote:
Chris Bartram wrote:
MankyManning wrote:
The central locking is a bit tempramental on my newly acquired mk3 golf
CL TDI (not remote central locking)

When I lock the driver's door, the passenger door usually locks but the
rear doors nly lock sometimes, they sluggishly make their way to the
lock position but more often than not just stay up so I have to go and
do each one manually.

What could the problem be here? If it is going to be expensive is there
an easy way to disconnect these doors from the central locking and just
have them operate manually?

The locking is powered by a vacuum pump (usually in the boot). You
probably have a leaky hose or two to the actuators in the rear doors.

I found the pump but couldn't really see or hear any leaks, when I gave
the pump a gentle shake there was a noise ans the locks moved. I am
wondering if the pump has gone - anyone know how I can tell?

I picked up a pump from ebay for a tenner and that has solved it.