Re: OT xp question

Douglas Payne <douggie@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Its not very sophisticated but I'm sure there's some manufacturer/ MS
jiggerypokery that stops you using product keys from any old computer.

Something similar affected a friend of mine, a barrister, when he
replaced hos old computer with a new one. He called M$support to
complain that the key didn't work and they told him that he would have
to buy a new copy of XP. Now me, I woudl have bought the disks because
it would be cheaper than the hassle factor.

He started legal proceedings against M$ and within a day they caved in
and authorised his copy of XP. I was amused when it got to the stage of
M$ suggesting that he had ripped off a pikey copy of Windows. The number
of 000s on the documents he sent to them would have made even Bill Gates