Re: MGF Steptronic gearbox problem - Help wanted

On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 18:12:40 GMT, "Keith Langley"
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>> My wife's Y-reg MGF's Steptronic gearbox has played up twice since we
>> acquired the car three weeks ago. On both occasions the car sounds
>> like it has "slipped out of gear" with the engine revving wildly but
>> not going anywhere when driving.
>> The lcd display in the dash doesn't display which gear the car is in
>> nor do the lights alongside the gear selector light up. The engine bay
>> smells hot although the engine temperature gauge appears normal.
>> On both occasions the car has returned to normal after being left to
>> cool down overnight. The car is normally driven in "D" and isn't
>> thrashed.
>> Does anyone have any ideas what this might be or has anyone else
>> encountered the same problem?
>> The car is still covered by warranty from the independent dealers we
>> bought it from but, as the car "fixes itself" and the problem is
>> intermittent I'd like an idea of the fault so I can make sure they fix
>> it when I take it back to them.
>> Thanks,
>> Mick
>Bad news i'm afraid Mick, the steptronic gearbox on the MG is a crock of
>crap, it's well documented & you are advised to steer clear. browse the web
>& read for yourself. Not too helpful i know but i just have it in for these
>MGs, i have one & it's a bad car i should have known better but i bought on
>impulse as you do one sunny Saturday in May 04.
>Regards, K.

Thanks for the reply. I've read lots of bad reviews of the steptronic
but mostly berating it for 'spoiling' the feel of the MG. My wife
actually likes the auto box and if it was working as it does when it
wasn't playing up it wouldn't be a problem.

I've done plenty of web (and Deja) searches but searching for MGF
problems throws up plenty of matches, mostly HGF's, adding the word
steptronic doesn't seem to narrow the search down much.

As we're now stuck with the car, which to be honest we both like, my
main concern is getting this problem fixed at whatever cost as quickly
as possible (while it's still within the 3 month warranty offered by
the garage we bought it off).

As the problem goes away if the car is left overnight my concern is
they'll keep it for a few days, give it us back saying it's fixed,
then the problem re-occurs after the warranty period is up.

If it's a simple relay problem then that's fine, if the whole gearbox
needs replacing again that's fine (while it's covered by the
warranty). What I realy need is some hard evidence to show the garage
that can back me up if it's something serious.