Re: Mercedes Vito reversing light switch

On Dec 13 2009, 4:28 pm, Bruno <c...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Mercedes vito 111 2004 (new shape)

Does anyone know where the reversing light switch is?

Hello there.

I have a new shape Mercedes Vito 115 (56 reg) and have had a problem
with the reverse lights not coming on. I found that if I moved the
gear stick around whilst in reverse gear I could sometimes make the
lights come on.

I managed to locate the switch which is actually located inside the
vehicle behind the panel which covers the gear stick. To get at it,
you have to remove the very bottom middle panel (2 torx screws on
either side) and then the actual panel around the gear stick (There
are two screws under the gearstick gator (The gator should just clip
off), 1 inside the tray which can be pulled out, and a couple become
visible after you have removed the bottom panel).

With all the screws removed, the whole panel should unclip and can be
lifted off over the gearstick.

Once the panel was removed, I found the switch on the driver’s side
(mine is a right hand drive) just under and to the right of the gear
stick. It was held in with two silver torx screws.

With the panel removed I could see that when the reverse gear is
selected, a plastic ledge is raised on the gearstick and this presses
on a silver lever which in turn activates the reverse switch. It was
clear that the plastic ledge wasn’t pressing on the silver lever
enough to activate the switch. I removed the switch by removing both
torx screws and confirmed that the switch was actually working fine by
pressing it in and out and watching the reverse lights go on and off.
I glued a small piece of plastic on to the metal lever; just enough to
make sure the plastic ledge made the silver level activate the switch.

Everything now works perfectly and I hope that this helps someone save
a bit of cash. After all, the Mercedes dealer quoted me £120 to fix
this and I managed to do it myself in an hour and that was with all
the experimenting etc.